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We are a digital marketing performance agency. We create seamless cross-channel marketing programs that exceed client expectations. With 19+ years of digital expertise and powerful artificial intelligence, we drive dramatic performance outcomes for our clients. See how we can help your business thrive.

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We help brands create high-value advertising experiences that sustain long-term business growth

Brands are failing to deliver the personalized advertising experiences that consumers demand. That’s where we step in. We help brands create high-value advertising experiences across channels that drive measurable business outcomes. Adlucent works with many large brands to find shared success, just some of which are listed below.


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The company we keep


Meet the team

  • Michael Griffin

    Michael Griffin


  • Ashwani Dhar

    Ashwani Dhar

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jason Roussos

    Jason Roussos

    SVP of Strategy

  • Sue Krieg

    Sue Krieg

    日韩高清视频免费观看_日韩高清mv在线观91看视频_日韩手机在线人免费视频SVP of Client Services

  • Tim Ozor

    Tim Ozor

    VP of Engineering

  • Tina Pace

    Tina Pace

    Senior Finance Director

  • Alex Harmon

    Alex Harmon

    日韩高清视频免费观看_日韩高清mv在线观91看视频_日韩手机在线人免费视频Senior Director of Partnerships

  • Tony Laurel

    Tony Laurel

    日韩高清视频免费观看_日韩高清mv在线观91看视频_日韩手机在线人免费视频Senior Account Director

  • Japhia Mangan

    Japhia Mangan

    Senior Account Director

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日韩高清视频免费观看_日韩高清mv在线观91看视频_日韩手机在线人免费视频We’re always onboarding new clients and Adlucites. Pick a path and let’s go from there.

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